Winter Cleaning & Being Self-Conscious


Dec 4, 2019 • self-conscious matt • ~ 1 minute read • 252 words

Life is hectic, and this’ll be short.

Basically, I’ve deleted a bunch of older posts from the blog. Partially because I’m an awful writer and it’s not work that I’m proud to stand behind (though I could say that about everything here), but also because more and more people are… stalking me (to put it nicely) and I just feel like the posts aren’t representative of who I am.

Recovery is definitely not one of my favourite albums anymore.

In particular, I cleaned out all the SHAD and 15at15 series posts - I might eventually follow back up on a more nuanced reflection of SHAD, and I have more music taste content already in mind. I also got rid of some of the weird life update posts, and my HackWestern 3 reflection.

If you’re stalking me right now and really want to read the old stuff (plus the other things I’ve deleted), it’s all in the git history of this blog - you’re welcome to look at the entire history of the blog and how it’s changed over time. But, y’a know, it’s a lot of work. There are better things for you to do with your time.

As for new content, I’ll get around to it eventually. At the end of the day, I really don’t write the blog for some high-and-lofty goal - it really is just about rambling about stuff (that I can rant publicly about) and occasionally having my friends stalk me.

Hi friends.

Until next time!

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