Editing and Revision


Dec 21, 2018 • Bad Writer Matt Wang • a quick read • 243 words

It’s no secret that I’m a bad writer: this blog is living proof of that. It is nice to know that I’ve become a slightly better writer over the years (just look at the trash that’s the first few posts I’ve written), but I also want to raise the overall quality of writing on this blog.

As a result, I’m going to start editing and revising some of the articles that I’ve written (something I didn’t want to do earlier due to integrity). However, I’ll be transparent about when I do this - every post that’s been edited will be tagged like this:

Edited 12/22/2018

So far, I haven’t edited any posts - but I’ll get in that rhythm soon. The idea is to walk the fine line between bettering my writing, and maintaining the original spirit and voice of what I’ve written about - a tough task ahead of me.

I’m also going to delete posts that I feel are no longer representative of who I am, or on topics that I don’t think are important. To clarify, I’ve already done this in the past - but I might be more vigilant with it now. Because lowkey always has been (and always will be) open-source, you can always find these old posts and drafts by looking at the GitHub repository.

Hopefully, this makes this blog a more enjoyable read. Not that it really, really matters.

Until next time!

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