(Hopefully) Better Categories


Nov 8, 2016 • Matt • a quick read • 125 words

Hello there,

I’ve taken a break from yelling at you about my music taste to let you know that I’ve updated the categories page. Now, it links to a category page, which in turn has links to all page categories: no messy accordions now! I used jekyll-archives to set this up, which made everything quite easy.

I’ve also done some fall cleaning, so the site is cleaner (from a coding standpoint).

A few interesting pieces of site knowledge before I go: I’m thinking of removing comments (because they suck), I’m thinking of using the new theme functionality in jekyll, and I’ve been experimenting with jekyll-admin, which would be super useful for WAC/OMUN.

Well, that’s about it. Have fun, and until next time!

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