A Return to Form + Mini-Update


Mar 4, 2018 • Matt • ~ 2 minute read • 269 words

Yikes, I didn’t expect my first post of 2018 to come in March. So far, life has been tiring (and just a bit depressing) and I haven’t found too much time to write. But, I get a break soon - and I plan to do a bit more writing, and catch up on some other non-school work (WAC documentation, OMUN stuff, maybe even SSS). I’m excited to finally get a little bit of “me” time, even if I am spending that time doing work.

What makes this next March Break so different? Unlike my past four or so breaks, I have the least things going on. I’m not formally working (sorry DCC!), my extracurriculars are wrapping up for good, and I don’t have any school work over the break (other than some textbook studying, but that’s not too hard).

I want to spend some of this time reflecting. This next period of my life is going to be a major transitionary period, as I leave high school and break up my routine of life. High school debating, which was a huge part of my identity and one of my favourite things to do, is now over - and that’s hard to get over. Similarly, WAC, which took out huge chunks of my life (whether or not I liked it) is over too - and Model UN is almost done as well. Ideally, I can spend some time writing about these activities - doing post-mortems just like the one I did for AudioNotch (which I will eventually do a part 2 on)!

Hopefully, I’ll see you soon. Until next time!

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